AAA of the Marine Industry

Breakdowns Happen…..

Do you know who to contact for assistance on the water?

The Red Boats of TowBoatU.S. are always on duty and ready to rush to your aid when you need assistance with an unwavering commitment to rapid service, honest practices, and a job well done.

4 Boat Fleet: 24-7-365. Locally Owned and Operated. All USCG certified Captains.

Port 1: Camden on the Lake – Boat: Martha Mae 4701
Port 2: Formula Boats of Missouri – Boat: John Leslie 4705
Port 3: Lodge of Four Seasons – Boat 4702
Port 4: 31MM – Boat 4704

Select Your Level of Service

With towing rates averaging $250 per hour for non-members, the average tow is $750 per incident and soft ungroundings $950 per incident. It’s better to pay a little now rather than get stick with an enormous bill later.  Present your Membership card to a TowBoatU.S. Captain and your payment level is taken care of, up to the service level you select.

Advantages of Choosing TowBOAT US

  • 24-7-365 dispatch
  • 4 boat fleet at the Lake of the Ozarks
  • Towing, battery jump starts, soft ungroundings, and fuel delivery
  • Provides for any recreational boat you own, borrow, or charter
  • We recommend Unlimited Gold for the best value and service
  • Call 573-216-4701 today for your membership

Call for Dispatch Assistance on the Water

  • Download the Boat U.S. App before you go boating.
  • One phone number and we will answer, 800-391-4869 for dispatch only
  • TowBoatU.S. is not a rescue service.  In an emergency situation, you must contact the Missouri Water Patrol.

Boat Towing, Salvage, & Services Offered at the Lake of the Ozarks

Assistance Towing

We provide towing for vessels on the Lake of the Ozarks. We will tow you back to your slip, marina, service shop, boat ramp.

Dock to Dock Towing

We provide dock to dock service. This service is designed to get your boat to the gas dock or service shop.

Fuel Deliveries

We provide fuel deliveries for vessels out of fuel. We carry extra gas!


We provide un-groundings for vessels that have ran ashore or are stuck in the shallow areas of the lake.

Salvage and Wreck Removal

We provide a specialized team experienced in salvaging and recovering boats from wrecked situations or abandoned.

Re-Float Boats

We provide bags, pumps, and items necessary to raise and pump out your boat should it sink in the slip or on the water.

Jump Starts

We provide JumpStarts for vessels that need a boost to get underway.

Spill Response

We have containment nets to deploy in case of a fuel or oil spill.

Diver Service

We can provide a diver to recover dropped items or lost items from the lake bottoms.

towing a cruiser boat
raising a boat from crash